• Studies on the theme of "The Doctrine Of The Person Of Christ"
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    Date Service Preacher Title No.
    28/09/2006Men's FellowshipJeremy BaileyThe Pre-Existence Of Christ1Download
    26/10/2006Men's FellowshipAlex MacDougallThe Incarnation Of Christ2Download
    30/11/2006Men's FellowshipOwen GriffithsThe Public Ministry Of Christ3Download
    25/01/2007Men's FellowshipMalcolm JonesThe Sufferings Of Christ4Download
    22/02/2007Men's FellowshipNeil EvansThe Self-Understanding Of Christ5Download
    29/03/2007Men's FellowshipJohn CookThe Death Of Christ6Download
    26/04/2007Men's FellowshipAndrew DaviesThe Resurrection Of Christ7Download
    31/05/2007Men's FellowshipDafydd MorrisThe Exaltation Of Christ8Download