The Life Of Simon Peter

  • A series looking at the life of Simon Peter and God's dealings with him - a man who occupies a unique
    position in scripture as a disciple, an apostle and author of two New Testament epistles.
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    Date Service Preacher Text No.
    10/01/2016AMDavid GeorgeJohn 1v35-421Download
    24/01/2016AMDavid GeorgeLuke 5v1-112Download
    31/01/2016AMDavid GeorgeMatthew 14v28-333Download
    07/02/2016AMDavid GeorgeLuke 22v31-324Download
    14/02/2016AMDavid GeorgeJohn 13v1-205Download
    21/02/2016AMDavid GeorgeMatthew 26v31-356Download
    06/03/2016AMDavid GeorgeMatthew 26v47-567Download
    13/03/2016AMDavid GeorgeMatthew 26v57-758Download
    20/03/2016AMDavid GeorgeJohn 21v15-259Download