• A thematic study through the book of Daniel.
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    Date Service Preacher Text No.
    10/02/2013AMDavid GeorgeDaniel 11Download
    17/02/2013AMDavid GeorgeDaniel 1v1-72Download
    24/02/2013AMDavid GeorgeDaniel 3&63Download
    03/03/2013AMDavid GeorgeDaniel 6v204Download
    10/03/2013AMDavid GeorgeDaniel 1-125Download
    17/03/2013AMDavid GeorgeDaniel 96Download
    07/04/2013AMDavid GeorgeDaniel 5v127Download
    14/04/2013AMDavid GeorgeDaniel 1v88Download
    28/04/2013AMDavid GeorgeDaniel 1-59Download
    05/05/2013AMDavid GeorgeDaniel 410Download
    19/05/2013AMDavid GeorgeDaniel 2&711Download
    26/05/2013AMDavid GeorgeDaniel 9v2412Download